development business

  • Design and development of information system, core business system (financial / life insurance, non-life insurance, securities business, service industry, manufacturing industry, distribution industry, construction · civil engineering / municipal government / local government, other industries etc)
  • Design and construction of system infrastructure (server, network, others)
  • Database design and construction
  • Design and development of communication system / control system / embedded product system
  • Design and development of operating system · Package software system


System operation
maintenance support

  • Helpdesk, call center construction support service
  • Operation maintenance · System monitoring · System maintenance · Open troubleshooting · Recovery business
  • Installation and set-up service
  • Data entry / document creation · OA instructor work


System consulting business

  • Consulting business for management and business system
  • Consulting business for network system
  • Consulting business for H/W and S/W selection
  • Consulting for maintenance and outsourcing business
  • Consulting business for project management and vendor control


Contents business

  • Digital contents (Planning various digital contents such as video / music / computer graphics, digitalization of printed matter, media mix of printed matter and digital contents)
  • Digital publish (CD-ROM, electronic and online publish, provide the latest service in current network)
  • Website design (For customers who are considering opening and renewing the homepage, plan and produce homepage with the latest technology such as movie, picture sound, etc., operation management)


Product sales business

  • Software package, PC server, copier, router, hub, ATM switch, PBX, FAX, others


Support center
construction support

  • New support center launch
    (planning business flow, creating manual document and recruitment and education, etc. )
  • Support center operation
    (Improvement on proposal for work efficiency, quality control, etc.)