Private Information Protection Policy

First, Co,Ltd has in view to gain customer’s trust to contribute to social development with our technology in need of this highly-networked information society.
Private information asset obtained from our system development. Hereby we set the following basic policy.

  • 1Development and Continuous Improvement of “Private Information Management System”

    Well care of handling private information in usage.
    We assure steady practice and continuous improvement to develop “Private Information Management System” on JISQ15001 basis.

  • 2The act of Collection, Utilization and Offer

    Management system shall be established to protect private information for any actions it may taken.
    Usage shall be adequately controlled.

  • 3Security Control Measures

    Security control measures shall be applied to ensure the security performance and accuracy of private information.
    We take action to take steps to prevent a breach of accuracy, destruction and impairment.

  • 4Claims and Consultations

    Claims and consultations in regards private information shall be dealt without delay.

  • 5Observance of Law, Governmental guideline and other regulations.

    Governmental guideline and other regulations in compliance with the law shall be observed.
    We also apply these rules and regulations to our management system for private information.

Utilization purpose of private information

・System development, system operation and maintenance of private information: implementation of commissioned business such as system development, system operation and maintenance
・Private information of employees: private management and employment
・Information of applicants:Recruitment activity

Procedures of disclosure

With regards to private information in the possession, parties requesting to be notified of the use purpose, or to disclose, correct, revise, delete, terminate, we shall response immediately. Please contact private information inquiry desk as follows.

Private information Inquiry Desk

Tel +81-(0)45-640-5321
Date of Enactment 1st July 2005
Date of revision 12th December 2007
First Co.LTD.
Representative Director and President Masashi Kato